Survex Consulting

Survex applies survey methodological expertise to enable you to obtain high-quality accurate and consistent data. We provide advice on both specific survey errors and overall data quality. Survey projects are faced with various survey methodological challenges at different stages of the project. Survex provides advice on how to achieve optimal data quality at each stage.

Planning stage: Survex consults on the operationalisation of your research questions, determining the survey design and choosing the optimal mode of data collection (phone, in person, internet or mail). We provide support in composing a call for tender for the survey agency and in defining criteria according to which tendering survey agencies may be selected.

Questionnaire design stage: Ensuring that a survey questionnaire is correctly understood and completed by the respondent requires expertise in questionnaire design and careful cognitive testing of survey questions. Survex provides these services and thus enables you to collect reliable data.

Data collection stage: Survex consults on how to achieve a timely delivery of your survey data, on how to maximise response rates and on how to minimise nonresponse bias.

Data preparation stage: To ensure that your survey data are representative of the respective population distributions Survex consults on and performs the estimation of design weights, nonresponse weights and calibration weights. In addition, Survex conducts independent data-quality evaluations.