Survex - Survey, Statistics, Data Science

We provide tailored courses, consulting and research in the areas of survey methodology, statistics and data analysis. The Survex expertise empowers companies, government agencies and academic institutions to collect high-quality data and conduct state-of-the-art analyses. 

What can we do for you?

Consulting: Whether you are planning to collect survey data, encounter problems with the data you already collected or are looking for advice on how to best analyse your survey, Survex consults on all areas of survey data collection and analysis. We support all stages of the survey process, from the initial research design, to sampling, questionnaire design, piloting, interviewer training, data processing, nonresponse analysis, weighting and of course data analysis. 

Training courses: Survex training courses teach methods and statistics intuitively. Courses are tailored to each participant's needs and research questions. Survex training combines theory with hands-on exercises thus turning the rocket science of methods and statistics into an effective and enjoyable tool for the social, economic and medical sciences.  

Research: In addition to supporting you in conducting your research, Survex also conducts research for you. Our research services include data analyses and reporting on survey data, as well as research initiatives and co-operations with academic institutions.



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