Aim of the course

The Survex course on data quality and survey error informs about various measurement and representation related sources of survey error. In applying survey design principles the participant learns how to prevent potential error from occurring and how to identify and handle errors in secondary data. Questions about data quality in own survey data are addressed in practice sessions with the instructor.


  • The Total Survey Error framework
  • Maximising data quality prior to data collection
  • Minimising the effects of survey error post data collection
  • Data quality in cross-national survey data
  • Data quality and the Total Survey Management system
  • How to handle survey errors in data analysis

Target audience

Experienced researchers developing or commissioning surveys; Researchers using secondary data and looking for strategies of identifying and dealing with survey errors

Example of a lecture

Lecture on data quality in cross-national surveys held at the Summer School Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 2 (QMSS2) on 3rd September 2011 in Leuven, Belgium.